2019 – Year for a #WorldwithoutWalls

In Palestine we have already organised a number of protests and activities, resisting Israel’s apartheid Wall and occupation… and this is only the start. We anticipate that Israel, especially in a year of elections and under the unconditional protection of the US administration, will escalate its attacks on our people and our land. Let’s stand together […]

Join online InterAction for a #WorldwithoutWalls!

Please join us on November 9! Here are 3 InterActions to build momentum for a #WorldwithoutWalls on the Global Day of InterAction. ** Use the hashtags #WorldWithoutWalls and #MundoSinMuros ** 1. MAKE A #WorldWithoutWalls VISIBLE: Add the #WorldwithoutWalls logo on your Facebook profile picture by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/profilepicframes/?overlay_source_object_id=1521629111261640&selected_page_id=163500523741179&selected_overlay_id=1635309686490994. Ask your friends to do the same […]