In Response to Israel’s Latest Massacre in Gaza: Arms Embargo Now!

  Last Friday, Israel yet again used Palestinian civilians as guinea pigs in its weapons laboratory, testing its new teargas-firing drones against civilians in Gaza. The export of Israeli military technology, “field-tested” on Palestinians, contributes substantially to financing Israel’s oppression of Palestinians and military aggression against other nations. The BDS National Committee welcomes the recent […]

1053+ killed and more than 6000 injuries in the ongoing occupation attack on Gaza

1053 were killed on the ongoing Israeli occupation attack on Gaza, and more than 6000 injuries at day 21, according to ministry of health, 42% of them are childrens.  151 body were extracted from under the rubble, at alshuja'ia neighborhood.    ( alshuja'ia neighborhood before bombardment)    Alshuja'ia neighborhood after bombardment   photo credit (APA)   […]