Book: The Wall in Palestine – Facts, Testimonies, Analysis and Call to Action
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Book: The Wall in Palestine – Facts, Testimonies, Analysis and Call to Action

***image2***The following excerpts have been abstracted from a book review featured in the August 2003 edition of the Palestinian English language monthly This Week in Palestine.

The Wall in Palestine: Facts, Testimonies, Analysis and Call to Action, Edited by The Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network (PENGON) Jerusalem, 2003, 199 pages.

To date, some 300,000 people are currently affected by the land confiscation, tree uprooting and inaccessibility to lands and water due to the caging off of their communities, throughout the northern West Bank, Jerusalem and Bethlehem, with concrete walls and electric fences. This book is critical resource and tool to explain what the Wall is, its shocking impact on Palestinian civil society, and its reshaping of the entire West Bank.

One hundred pictures throughout the book tell the whole story. The book is an impressive mix of detailed report, photo journal, activist resource guide, and an anthology. Contributors to the publication include the PENGON member organizations and the Wall Campaign Emergency Centers. Nine guest articles covering a range of topics and angles give further depth to this massive construct, while highlighting the point that is consistent throughout the report and testimonies: in whatever which way, the Wall is meant to control, destroy, and oppress.

The book is perhaps the best resource currently available on the Wall. But more so, the layout and the section about the Apartheid Wall Campaign, an NGO and grassroots coordinated effort lead by PENGON, demands us to acknowledge that the book be used as a tool in advocacy. Wall or fence, the results are the same. If the Wall is completed it will cross and besiege every West Bank district.

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