The Occupation force suppresses weekly marches in the West Bank. Several demonstrators injured.

The legitimate and rightful weekly demonstration of the Palestinian continued this Friday against the occupation, the apartheid wall, & the settlements. Youth and foreign solidarity activists in Nabi Saleh was wounded by rubber bullets, after Israeli occupation forces suppressed the protest march of the village, north-west of Ramallah, against the settlement and confiscation of Palestinian […]

Two were injured and dozens suffocated during the weekly protests in the west bank

  Dozens of Palestinians, International activists participated in the weekly demonstrations  in Al Masara, Nabi Saleh, Kufur qaddom and Bil'in. They demand an end to the occupation, settlement expansion, land confiscation and the destruction of the apartheid wall.   Two demonstrators were injured and dozens suffered from suffocation, due to the actions of the Israeli […]

Weekly Report 25.5.12

Nabi Saleh: The information office of the popular committee in Nabi Saleh reported that 3 children, Mahmoud Shaker al-Tamimi (14 years), and Islam al-Tamimi (16 years), and Muhammad Bilal al-Tamimi (11 years), were wounded by rubber coated bullets during the weekly demonstration against land theft. Dozens of other Palestinian and international activists suffered from tear […]

Weekly Report – 12.5.12

Bil'in:  Around 100 protesters gathered to protest the colonial apartheid Wall in Bil’in and show support for the ongoing hunger strike in Israeli jails. In response dozens of tear gas canisters and flash-bang grenades were launched into the crowd, setting fire to many acres of land and more than 20 olive trees. Some individuals responded by […]

Occupation Forces Suppress Popular Weekly Protests, Dozens of Suffocation Cases from Poison Gas

al-Masara The occupation forces suppressed the weekly protest against the settlements and the apartheid wall. This protest sent as well strong condemnation of the frequent attacks on the al Aqsa Mosque and remembered the anniversary of the Hebron massacre. People were chanting slogans in solidarity with the people of Hebron that had gathered in a mass […]

On the Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Abu Rahma, Occupation Forces Suppressed the Weekly Demonstrations

  Kufur Qaddom Iyad Shteiwi, the media coordinator, said that the occupation forces suppressed the weekly march by shooting tear gas bombs directly into the demonstrators' bodies and used sewage water in order to stop the march. Dozens were suffocated and injured by the gas bombs. Shtiwie said, “We will continue our weekly march till […]