Week against the Apartheid Wall 2015

Call for the Week against the Apartheid Wall 2015: November 9-16 Stop the Bantustans! 2015 has been so far one of the worst moments in the waves of ethnic cleansing by Israel against the Palestinian people. Israel is rapidly implementing its plan to forcibly transfer the Palestinian population out of the over 500 communities located […]

International Trade Union Solidarity

For Resistance, Dignity, and a Better Life Trade Unions are an important part of the civil resistance against the Israeli occupation of Palestine and international solidarity is a crucial part of it.  Israeli control Palestine suffers from Israeli restrictions on production, transport, and export and unemployment is a major problem.   Textile workers in a […]

Photos: Palestine solidarity at Occupy Montreal

photo essay by Darren Ell on Palestine solidarity rally at Occupy Montreal/Occupons Montréal denouncing Israeli military raid on Freedom Waves flotilla to Gaza. Photo: . A Palestine solidarity protest at Occupons Montréal.   On 13/11 in Montreal people gathered at Occupy Montreal/Occupons Montréal to protest the Israeli military raid on the Freedom Waves flotilla action […]

The Collective Palestine Paris 8 rallies For the 9th International Week against the Apartheid Wall in Palestine

  Program all day on Wednesday, November 16 included: Tables of information and sales solidarity Construction of a symbolic wall on campus Projection (continuous – Building A) of the film Iron Wall, "the Iron Wall," which traces the history of Israeli settlement since 1967, showing in particular the acceleration since the Oslo accords and, more […]

Al Hadidiye to be demolished once again: Halt this new wave of ethnic cleansing!

Week against the Apartheid Wall (Nov. 9 – 16) – “Take Apartheid off the Menu” Action Day (Nov. 26) Immediately contact your consulate and embassy through our email action! While the international community discusses Palestinian statehood, on the ground Israel is continuing the ethnic cleansing and colonization of Palestine with a further displacement push in the […]