Khan al Ahmar’s resistance rises!

After Israeli courts have decided on the imminent destruction of Khan al Ahmar, the Palestinian Bedouin community located East of Jerusalem, popular resistance is building to defend the community.  Today, some 600 people from all across the West Bank have been gathering in Khan al Ahmar to pledge they will stand together with the Arab […]

Khan al Ahmar – expulsion stopped until July 11!

The community of Khan al Ahmar and the popular resistance in Palestine has won a small but significant battle against Israeli ethnic cleansing. The occupation forces have to stop their onslaught until July 11. Your action is crucial now!  Under international pressure and in front of strong Palestinian popular resistance on the ground, yesterday night […]

Khan el Ahmar – we won’t move!

The struggle for survival of the Bedouin village Khan el Ahmar – a community to be destroyed any time by Israeli bulldozers rolling in – is a national focus point for all that are every day organizing and resisting to stop Israel’s ongoing Nakba, the 70 years long ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from their […]