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Statement: #KhanalAhmar – one step towards survival as the struggle needs to escalate

Sunday October 21, the Israeli 'security' cabinet ratified the decision on a temporary freeze of the demolition of the Palestinian Bedouin community Khan al Ahmar, even if accompanied by further threats. The freeze is result of the popular steadfastness on the ground and ever growing global pressure. Israel's announcement has shown the impact we can […]

Settler sewage infesting #KhanalAhmar

The river and lake that have since yesterday appeared in Khan al Ahmar are stinking sewage water from the illegal settlements. See photos of the environmental crime and the gross human rights violation and harrassment here. Since yesterday morning, settlers from the illegal settlements surrounding Khan al Ahmar have started diverting their sewage water to […]

Khan al Ahmar at Day Zero

Since yesterday night, over 500 people are gathered at the village of Khan al Ahmar to support the community in the moment the Israeli deadline for demolition expired. Khan al Ahmar and the Palestinian people in solidarity are counting on international support. Three more tents had to be collectively erected to host the crowd that […]