Palestinians claim Jerusalem in mass protests

The day after Donald Trump’s ominous declaration arbitrarily recognising Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem and the city as Israel’s capital, in all major cities of the West Bank people poured out on the streets in protest. Israeli repression injured over 100 people. In Jerusalem itself, Ramallah, Qalqiliya, Kufr Qaddoum, Azzoun, Bethlehem, Qalandiya, Jenin, Toubas, Tulkarem, Hebron […]

Israeli Apartheid Week kicks off in Palestine

With a demonstration of thousands fo people in support of the BDS movement in Ramallah, on February 27th, Palestinian popular movements kicked off the Palestinian part of the International Israeli Apartheid Week. In the West Bank and Gaza, many activities are planned to happen until March 10th in Palestine. Among them, events will be happen […]

BNC: Join us – Olympics without Apartheid!

Like our Facebook page “Olympics without Apartheid” here! See the Stop the Wall Factsheet Ban ISDS! – Olympics without Apartheid here! Israeli military companies, all of which are deeply involved in Israel’s war crimes against the Palestinian people, among others, see the Olympic Games as an opportunity for profit and a means to export their “field-tested” expertise […]

Report: Israeli Repression and Apartheid – April 2015

During the month of April, the Israeli Occupation continued to accelerate the construction of its illegal settlements and increased repression of the people resisting the colonization. The implementation of the settlement project, and the destruction of Palestinian farms and properties that comes with it, is part of the systematic policy of ethnic cleansing and population […]